Online Broadcast of the Golden Way Conference

There are only 3 days left before the grand celebration of the second anniversary of the company Golden Way!

We are deeply happy to welcome everyone who will join us in sunny Dubai on August 7 and 8.

If you did not have time to buy a ticket, you cannot arrive for personal reasons or because of quarantine restrictions, we have a great offer for you.

Golden Way will be streaming our events online. You can join us and take part in all conferences, meetings, lectures scheduled for these days.

Just buy a ticket for the online broadcast in our store and be with us.

Together we will change our lives for the better! The ticket price is 127 euros: for this amount you get the opportunity to attend all events, ask questions to speakers, and also receive a full recording of the online broadcast 3 days after the event!

Don't hesitate and buy the online broadcast seat now!

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